London-based writer/producer Lostboy started out in the industry as a radio presenter but soon graduated into the world of music production, where he quickly found himself writing songs for a selection of European House DJ’s.  On the back of this success, he built his own studio in North West London and began developing his percussive, dark pop sound, the first fruit of which was his debut single Moth (released under the moniker PJRR) which reached the Top 5 in the iTunes electronic chart in June 2015.  This success led to him being invited to write with and produce a number of exciting up and coming artists.  New releases coming soon from Anne-Marie, Kloe and JONES will bear his production imprint, and Lostboy is also now published by 70Hz.

Management: matthew@tileyardmusic.co.uk

Publishing: sarah@seventyhertz.com | saul@seventyhertz.com | ami@seventyhertz.com